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Mindy McCready’s sex tape is coming from Vivid, along with a teaser clip has leaked online.

It’s some NSFW sex, screaming and traces of nudity, if you wish to watch, check this page.

Here are a few stills. It arrived on the scene Monday that they references ex’s Roger Clemens good skills during intercourse, but occasional impotence, within the video.

Also affecting the clip is McCready being inquired on former flames Dean Cain and Alan Jackson. With the reference to Jackson’s name, she is really a horrible face.

And a clothed Q&A and also the XXX romping by having an ex named Peter, viewers are treated to Mindy gaining mascara and checking her blackberry.

Country singer Mindy McCready confirmed a long-term affair with retired pitcher Roger Clemens, who may have been embroiled in a federal steroids probe, according to the Ny Daily News. Watch the full Mindy McCready sextape from Vivid.

“I cannot refute anything in the story,” a tearful but resolute McCready told the News.

“Yes, We’ve known Roger Clemens for a long time,” McCready said, reading coming from a prepared statement. “He’s a form and caring man. He’s another legendary athlete. The central topic inside the debate, however, regards his professional life, not his personal life.

“There are legal matters working their way through the system who have nothing to do with me. From my point of view, that is certainly the location where the focus should remain.”

Earlier, what is the news reported that Clemens had a decade-long relationship with McCready that began when she was a 15-year-old aspiring singer and also the pitcher was obviously a Boston Red Sox ace. Mindy McCready sex tape, watch for free.

Clemens’ lawyer, Rusty Hardin, confirmed a long-term relationship but told the newspaper it was not sexual.

“Mindy McCready is often a longtime family friend of Roger Clemens along with the Clemens family,” Hardin said in a statement Monday. “At almost no time did Roger participate in just about any inappropriate or improper relationship with her. It really is unfortunate that the Daily News has chosen to report anonymous allegations which might be completely unfounded, don’t have any basis in fact, and have nothing to do with Roger’s baseball career or perhaps the issue of steroid use in baseball.”

The story, which appeared around the newspaper’s Web page Sunday night along with editions Monday, quoted several folks who asked to never be identified due to sensitivity in the situation.

McCready’s lawyer, Lee Ofman, said he would not have any discuss the Daily Report.

Clemens was 28 plus a married father of two when he first met McCready, the newspaper reported.

The storyplot could undermine Clemens’ reputation, that is central for the defamation suit the previous pitcher has filed against former personal trainer Brian McNamee. McNamee contends Clemens used performance-enhancing substances during his major league career. Mindy McCready sex tape out and available online from Vivid.

“If true, it is simply another instance of Roger’s pervasive prevarications which is essentially of any defamation case,” said McNamee’s attorney, Richard Emery, in a e-mail to The Associated Press.

The newspaper said Clemens sent cash to McCready to help you her with legalities and reached in the market to her when she what food was in jail recently in Tennessee.

The 32-year-old McCready was sentenced last September for violating probation from your 2004 drug arrest and was published from jail last Dec. 30. Watch the Mindy McCready sextape. The violation happened in July when McCready was charged with scuffling together with her mother and resisting arrest at her mother’s home in Fort Myers, Fla. She still must serve two years’ probation.

McCready a No. 1 single in 1996 with “Guys Do all of it some time.”

Country star Mindy McCready gets litigious.

The crooner is suing her very own mother – along with the company that publishes the National Enquirer – on the story published earlier this month entitled, “Shameful Mindy McCready Doesn’t Enjoying Child Back.”

“What is shameful and heartbreaking may be the unhealthy relationship We’ve endured with my mom over my lifetime,” McCready said in the statement.

“In all honesty, I’m saddened it has visit this; but this isn’t a one-time, single event – to market her ‘stories’ for the Star, The Globe and Radar Online. They have just received to halt, for me and my son.”

As outlined by a statement released by McCready, the article inside the Enquirer points too she still did not appear at the most recent court surrounding the custody of her son to stop taking a drug test, have not seen her son over and over again within the last 12 months, is definitely an addict who may have failed several drug tests, which is an “unfit, bad parent who is shameless.”

McCready’s five-year-old son, Zander, currently lives with McCready’s mother, Gayle Inge, which is allowed overnight visits together with his biological father, Billy McKnight.

McKnight was faced with attempted murder after beating and choking McCready in 2005.

“The statements in the National Enquirer article are personal attacks meant to inflict hurt and pain on Ms. McCready on the tariff of the reality,” said McCready’s attorney, Andrew Douglas. “It is also unfortunate that the National Enquirer published this story without first corroborating Mrs. Inge’s statements.”

“What I’d like visitors to know is when unfairly I’ve been treated-because of my past mistakes and, truth be told, as a consequence of my celebrity history,” said McCready. “My custody battle has been deplorable and fraudulent. My mother’s agenda, I believe, is always to continue to keep my character and lifestyle ‘questionable.’ The main objective must be regarding the safety and well-being of my son and never about untruthful statements who have lent to unjust results. Zander and i also should be together.”

While there’s still no official word about what caused Mindy McCready recent hospitalization, the united states singer’s mother says her daughter “is really sick” after what she first believed was a prescription pill overdose.

Gayle Inge, who made a frantic 911 call Tuesday telling dispatchers she thought McCready had “just taken an overdose” with “a lot [of pills],” including the narcotic painkiller Darvocet, now says she could have jumped to conclusions.

“I said that myself because I figured the bottle was empty,” Inge tells local Florida paper Naples Daily News. “[Darvocet] wasn’t within her system.”

Country star Mindy McCready “is recovering just fine” from an apparent suicide attempt Wednesday morning, her brother tells PEOPLE.

“Mindy’s doing great. She’s fine,” says her younger brother Josh McCready, 28. “She was hospitalized, but she’s fine. She’s good now.”

Reached by telephone Thursday afternoon, McCready’s brother wouldn’t normally elaborate about what might have triggered the alleged suicide attempt, but did confirm his sister remains to be under doctors’ care.

Mindy McCready exploded on top of the new bands scene when she was just 18 years. But her fast success was quickly accompanied by a pokey and painful unraveling, as scandals replaced hit singles.)

When he was 17 McCready left Ft. Myers, Fla. and gone to live in the country music capital of Nashville, with hopes of stardom. One year later her debut album, “Ten Thousand Angels” sold two million copies.

When McCready first jumped in this area she really did seem like she’d it all. She wore a great deal of midriff baring tops. She’d a spunky girls-can-do-it-their-way attitude.

But her next three albums were all considered commercial failures and her personal life spiraled uncontrollable with a substance abuse problem.

Whitney Pastorek, a senior writer at Entertainment Weekly, told CBS News, “It really seemed like McCready became a greater portion of a tabloid headline than a music headline, understanding that her scandals begun to outweigh the significance of her singles.”

McCready fell into an abusive relationship with singer Billy McKnight in 2005 he was involved in attempted murder after beating and choking her.

More problems followed in 2008 when it had been rumored that McCready had a continuous affair with baseball pitching legend Roger Clemens. She says their bond was sexual, Clemens claimed they were just friends.

Then just this March, a sex tape surfaced displaying with the ex-boyfriend.

But McCready says her low point came throughout the last of her three stays in jail. Her 17-month-old son came to get a visit, but didn’t even recognize her. The second inspired her to go back to her cell and write the song, “I’m Still Here.” The song may be the title track to her latest album.

In 2010 she appeared on VH-1′s reality show, “Celebrity Rehab,” which is portion of her battle to conquer the addiction problem that reportedly led to several suicide attempts.

But McCready told “Early Show” co-anchor Erica Hill she didn’t consciously make any suicide attempts.

“I didn’t knowingly ever try and kill myself,” she said. “I was never in case a state where I used to be conscious along with it and said, ‘Oh, I want to die.’ It was after there was a depressing moment or, you already know, a crushing thing had happened in my experience that I, you understand, I’d personally drink excessive and that i don’t really remember making those decisions.”

However, she said she did reach her lowest point when her son located visit and didn’t recognize her.

“It was crazy,” McCready said. “I had been in jail for approximately 8 weeks. While i left Zander inside my mom’s house in Florida, I did not understand that I had been likely to be jailed for very long. I thought that I would go and make bail and get to come back and get my child. So, the custody i signed up to my mom was very temporary. Also it turned into them not letting me out for half a year. So, two months in the stay he came up to check out. The night time I went along to jail was actually my primary night to sleep without him.”

She continued, “And so when he came out, I walked in the visiting room and that he did not remember me. He started crying. It absolutely was just — Going being the most painful experience ever, that I’ve ever endured.”

And that is when McCready says she realized she needed some assistance. So she went on “Celebrity Rehab.” Why go so public with your ex struggle?
“Everybody thought they knew everything about me,” she said. “Everybody thought, ‘Oh, you will find there’s drug problem, an alcohol problem, there’s this. There were so many articles that have been written that were, you realize, a slight amount of truth but mostly very, you realize, tabloid-y. As well as the scandals were a good deal bigger than the real deal.”

McCready said the show wasn’t nearly getting help, but also addressing rumors.

“‘Celebrity Rehab’” was a thing that Dr. Drew talked me into so far as him being a doctor,” she said. “You know, I didn’t expect to get help on television. People think, ‘Oh, what a Tv series.’ However it did save playing. Dr. Drew was amazing.”

On the show, McCready said she learned she’d a relationship addiction, as opposed to a substance addiction.

“I didn’t have any idea that existed,” she told Hill. “I knew co-dependency was — I knew just a little about this. I knew about battered woman syndrome and also a little from due to being on the Oprah Winfrey Show what that was like, however i didn’t understand co-dependency understanding that it had been actually dangerous, who’s was regarded as being as dangerous or even more dangerous than drugs and alcohol. Dr. Drew explained to me he felt my acting out once i drank a lot of or perhaps the things that I used to be doing were just the signs of a much larger problem that should be addressed.”

McCready, who has been working to make her in the past, was rushed to your hospital in Florida. McCready broke her toe.

“I stood a really severely broken toe,” she said. “My mom overreacted to — I really honestly would like to claim that it absolutely was just a situation where I do believe there were — my mom was taking advantage of your situation. Basically ended up there for an actual overdose I might be locked up. They don’t enable you to leave a medical facility if there were any sign of suicide attempt or easily was — my life was ever in danger, they never would have let me leave.”

Now McCready is fighting to acquire custody of her son, Zander.

“It’s been an incredibly difficult road personally,” she said. “Other mothers in Florida have not at all needed to face what exactly I’ve needed to face regarding getting my son back. These are made it as difficult on me as it can be where, you already know, family services should really help families come together. They’ve really actually driven ours apart. Zander is showing indications of being in the same household in which I spent my childhood years in. There’s some anger issues plus some aggression that’s there that, you understand, he’s 4 years old and very disturbing to go in that area and visit my son and see him acting like this.”

But McCready said she is going to “absolutely” get her son back.

“He’s my son,” she said. “He belongs with me.”

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