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Brittney Jones, the famous mistress of Ashton Kucther, has released a sex tape video with Vivid, and now you can watch the full video as well as dozens of other famous celebrity sex tapes.

You may not trust this, but the female who has gone public having an alleged Ashton Kutcher affair; that is referred to as a “gold-digger” by friends; and who may have posed for any group of naked pictures could have also starred inside a sex tape.

We’ll give you a moment to just accept this alarming news regarding Brittney jones. Let’s pray a Brittney jones sex tape involves hotter shots than this. An ex-boyfriend has unveiled to Radar Online that he and Britteny involved in multiple sex acts not too long ago, all of these he concerning his cellular phone. Was Jones in it?

“She was absolutely involved with it,” said the unknown former lover. This arbitrary guy says the pair filmed the other “having sex in various positions,” while they dated don and doff for awhile until few months ago, when the relationship ended as a result of Brittney’s cheating ways. We wonder what good friend Demi Moore must say about it. Jones will probably discuss it next time these two meet for coffee.

In November 2011, Demi Moore filed for divorce from her much younger husband, Ashton Kutcher, after six years of marriage. It was rumored that Ashton was hooking up with Brittney jones plus more recently, Sara Leal, throughout his marriage to Demi. Since submitting divorce, Demi was hospitalized in January and reportedly underwent rehab in the Cirque Lodge in Utah. After she made her return home, it absolutely was said that Ashton had paid her a call. The unexpected visit has renewed speculation that the former couple may be reconciling.

Among her hospital stay and her rehab stint was of the question of your energy that Ashton visited. A source said, “He found her house to see her approximately an hour . 5.” He showed up to her house to confirm her, but also brought along three guy friends. Intended for a reconciliation, a resource said that it “is unlikely to happen. But that doesn’t mean Ashton may well not visit her home again in the future.”

Do you consider they are going to reconcile in the future? Or should she just go forward like may curently have? What do you think? Hit the comments together with your thoughts! The Ashton Kutcher scandal deepens. Over who said she slept using the husband of Demi Moore has revealed herself.

Brittney jones photos came out on RadarOnline and she looks similar to a 21-year-old Demi. Jones claims that they had sex with Ashton in your home that he explains to Demi Moore and her daughters.

Star Magazine claims to have sms from Kutcher to Jones. Jones has hired a supervisor and publicist in the wake with the scandal. Kutcher is threatening to file a lawsuit Star Magazine for defamation of character. Star Magazine doesn’t turn to be backing down one bit which is standing behind their claims.

I’ll confess that after I heard about the Ashton Kutcher/Brittney Jones affair, I was thinking, Uh oh, another Jesse James scandal. (Yes, I’m a total pessimist when it comes to celebrity relationships.) But other than a number of supposed naughty texts, not one other proof has surfaced. And come on, this happened back in September. You’d think RadarOnline would’ve had time to investigate something — a tweet, a voicemail, what about a script proving this complete thing is an elaborate attempt at bringing Punk’d back? But nada.

So, that is me putting my pessimistic foot inside my pessimistic mouth. Here are five main reasons why Now i think that Brittney jones is lying all things considered. Ashton kutcher is suing Vivid Entertainment, the organization behind Brittney’s “leaked” sex tape, for illegally using his name in promoting it “Ashton’s fans will undoubtedly like to see exactly what the star himself may have experienced.” At the very least the masai have a target market planned, eh? But my question for you is, why in the world would he head to a whole lot of trouble if there were any possibility it can easily be proven false? He’d think that a reasonably big dumbass inside the courtroom.

Ashton and Demi Moore (Mrs. Kutcher) have continued posting cutesy TwitPics snuggling together. Friggin’ adorable. When there’s one, you will find others. Remember after Ernie els and Jesse James were caught? The mistresses started coming out of the woodwork, one after the other. Up to now, nobody claimed a rendezvous with Kutcher.

The chick was a struggling actress four months ago — using this claim, she has at the very least solidified a spot on the bad reality show. Moral issues aside, thinking about state they have banged Ashton? It’d cause you to be super cool amongst your friends for a hot a few minutes.

Ashton Kutcher’s alleged mistress Brittney jones states that she feels “vindicated” by Demi Moore’s divorce statement and hopes that people will finally believe her story about sleeping with the actor.

Brittney jones credibility was called into question when she capitalized to be with her sudden fame by releasing a sex tape, which would not feature Kutcher. The ‘Just Married’ star’s lawyer released an announcement back then Jones what food was in the headlines, insinuating her story would be a lie, but did not deny it entirely.

“Although divorce can often be sad I really do feel somewhat vindicated,” TMZ quoted Jones as saying. “For such a long time people have believed that I became dishonest or simply getting back together my affectionate nights with Ashton, while in fact I became getting used.

“Ashton informed me that both he and Demi had an ‘open relationship’ and that he had not been in reality cheating. “Now Let me tell the contract details regarding how Ashton was, and hopefully men and women believe my side from the story. “I sense of Demi quite definitely and wish her only the best within this hard time,” she added.

Star has published an extra story accusing Ashton Kutcher of cheating on Demi Moore (scroll down for cover photo), and again Ashton’s camp denies it. A couple of weeks ago playboy magazine accused Ashton of groping and kissing a hot young blonde in the restaurant. Now a 21-year-old brunette who has sold her story of couch sex with Ashton in your home he explains to Demi and her daughters. Now you can watch the Brittney Jones sex tape video online for free.

Brittney jones informs Star she met Ashton when he, Demi and Rumer were go-karting beside her at Hollywood’s Lucky Strike in July. She slipped him her number over a napkin, she claims, and that he began texting her things such as, “R U busy?” “I did all of the suggesting within the texts, it turned out like he was paranoid and didn’t need to text something that would get him having problems,” Brittney said. “I asked him if he wished to meet, that’s how you made the plans.” Soon they met for sex, she claims, (around the couch as Ashton disallowed bed) whilst Demi was out of town.

“He’s a great lover,” Brittney said. “Very considerate and sweet. And yes it was special in my opinion. I felt totally comfortable in their arms. It had been tender and nice–not some random sex act.” Ashton’s lawyer said in the statement to Us Weekly: “Star Magazine continuously publishes lies about Ashton Kutcher and many other celebrities. This isn’t the 1st, nor could it be the past time they participate in reckless conduct.”

Last time Star charged Ashton of fooling around, he guarded himself on Twitter. “I think Star magazine calling me a “cheater” qualifies as defamation of character. I really hope my lawyer agrees,” he wrote. “STAR magazine – you aren’t getting to face behind “freedom with the press” when you are writing fiction.”

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